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The best restaurant of local food and tapas in Barcelona

The typical dishes of the Catalan cuisine include a wide variety of seafood, mountain and orchard products. We recommend you try their sausages, the escalivada, the butifarra and other grilled meats, the snails in sauce or the llauna, the magnificent calçots with romesco sauce ... And we do not forget the pà amb tomàquet, perfect to accompany any meal or dinner A Catalan cream to finish? Let yourself be guided by our selection and also enjoy the wide selection of typical Spanish tapas! Bon Profit!
20 Mar

The best local food and tapas restaurants in Barcelona



“De Tapa Madre is a restaurant in Barcelona located in the middle of the Ensanche, halfway between the Sagrada Familia and La Pedrera, where you will discover a different way of understanding tapas. Our menu of tapas and dishes has the flavor of a lifetime. made with raw material of the highest quality, they are made with love and served with a lot of love, being able to be enjoyed at any time of the day, every day of the week. De Tapa Madre is a restaurant, for breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner, making us the ideal excuse to do business, relax and share with friends or family. Our kitchen is a tribute to the classic and avant-garde cuisine, in the traditional flavors coexist with dishes based on the highest quality product, with a very careful preparation and an informal and fun proposal, making us a fun way to eat, tapas and copear, which turns our customers into the protagonists. restaurant De Tapa Madre, is in a regal estate, being a space where we can find a terrace, several spaces and a large bar where you can enjoy at any time, our exquisite cuisine in a quiet, warm, elegant and chic cozy “. (from official website of the restaurant)
Addresse: C/Mallorca 301 esquina C/Bruc. 08037 Barcelona Timetable: Mon-Sun 11:30am a 24:00pm Phone: 934 59 31 34

Restaurant Tripadvisor: https://www.tripadvisor.es/Restaurant_Review-g187497-d1006766-Reviews-De_Tapa_Madre-Barcelona_Catalonia.html





“One of these life-long restaurant bars is Elisabets, on the street of the same name and a few meters from their cousin Romesco, their proposal is as simple as it is satisfactory, a menu with a good choice of dishes at a reasonable price. In recent times the Elisabets restaurant has gained a certain name and in fact the British newspaper The Guardian included it in its selection of the best tapas bars in Barcelona.This restaurant also serves as a bar with a good bar and also offers sandwiches and a wide assortment of tapas so that you do not get hungry in any way. ”
(cit.toguides.com/eating/restaurante-elisabets-barcelona/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”> http://www.gustoguides.com/es/eating/restaurante-elisabets-barcelona/)
Addresse: C/ Del Elisabets 2-4. Raval Barcelona Timetable: Mon- Sat de 08:00am a 23:00pm Phone: 933 175 826




“They say it’s the place where this tapa was invented or, at least, that it’s the bar that introduced them in Barcelona,” La Bombeta was born as a younger brother, but he soon changed his parents. excellence, but it was also the home of an old gas factory, which also made it the base for ballooning operations in the city.The hot air balloons, the “bombes” in Catalan, departed and landed near what today It is the Hospital del Mar, and its crew celebrated the end of the day in a bar called “La Bomba.” We are in the 19th century. Time passed, and the Salvia family reformed an old wine cellar on Calle Maquinista, in They liked the history, and the typical Barceloneta hot air balloons, and renamed it La Bombeta, whether the name was used or not, the mythical tapa began to work like no other. consec they got to be today the place of Barcelona where, they say again, the best ones are served. This is what we can attest to. “The bar’s slogan:” We do not speak English but we make some big bombs. “Tall and clear.
Addresse: C/ Maquinista. barceloneta Barcelona Timetable: Thur- Tue de 12:00am a 24:00 Phone: 933199445

Restaurant Tripadvisor: https://www.tripadvisor.es/Restaurant_Review-g187497-d799065-Reviews-La_Bombeta-Barcelona_Catalonia.html




It’s a tapas bar. Of those old, traditional and increasingly difficult to find. It was founded more than 30 years ago by a train inspector who took the name of a famous coffee shop in Madrid, which still exists. Since 1974 he runs Pedro Sausor with his wife and two children, being responsible for the good reputation, which causes many devotees to fight for a place in the bar and barely a ray of sun, clump together to get a table on the terrace. From Monday to Friday you will find a menu with five first and five seconds to choose, plus homemade desserts. On Mondays they prepare cooked, on Tuesdays black rice, on Thursdays paella and on Fridays on Fridays. The homemade Russian salad is the specialty of Alba, while Pedro and his children offer innumerable tapas and a reference to their native basin with gazpachos, garlic arriero, morteruelo and zarajos. When Pedro is asked what he believes is the secret that the Morryssom is one of the most successful menu bars on this side of the Eixample, he humbly replies “the secret is that we do everything with a lot of heart, a lot of love”.
Addresse: C/ Girona 162 Barcelona Timetable: Mon- Fri 7:00am – 01:00am (sat 8.00 a,-18:00)  Phone: 934584017

Restaurant Tripadvisor: https://www.tripadvisor.es/Restaurant_Review-g187497-d4035745-Reviews-Morryssom-Barcelona_Catalonia.html



An original example of the fusion of the ingredients of Catalan cuisine with peculiarities of international cuisine. The result is very careful and tasty dishes. On September 9, 1978, in the heart of the Gracia neighborhood (Barcelona), La Taverna de El Glop was born. A restaurant with a very specific culinary idea: to offer products and gastronomy of the Catalan peasantry ..
Currently there is a simple culinary proposal, out of fashion, economic, pleasant and tasty. A traditional Catalan cuisine and market, consisting of toast, sausages, cheeses, snails, grilled meats, rice, fish, and seasonal dishes (artichokes, calçots, wild asparagus, …).
The owners say: “This is our way of understanding cuisine and customer service, we believe in the gastronomic commitment we make and we try to improve it day after day, without forgetting our origins, key to our success”.
Addresse: C/ Sant Luis 24 Barcelona Timetable: Mon- Sun 13:00-24:00  Phone: 932137058

Restaurant Tripadvisor: https://www.tripadvisor.es/Restaurant_Review-g187497-d778744-Reviews-Taverna_El_Glop-Barcelona_Catalonia.html



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