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21 Sep


One of the first doubts that every traveller has is how to move on their new destination, what options they have, which transport is the cheapest, which is the fastest. For your luck, Barcelona is one of the cities with the best connection in Spain, the options are multiple and it only depends on how...
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23 Aug


One of the first things we like to think about our trip to Barcelona is “El Flamenco”, but guess what? Flamenco originated in the south of Spain, in the Andalusian region, mainly in Seville, the great cradle of flamenco.  This type of dance has become a tourist attraction throughout Spain  What is flamenco? It is...
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8 Aug

Night Life in Barcelona

If you like the party Barcelona is for you! Arriving in this city you will not be able to escape from its nightlife and all the clubs and bars that are here. Barcelona stands out as one of the cities in the world with the best nightlife. Where do you want to go? This city...
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16 Jun

The Verbena of San juan

The Night of San Juan is a Christian festival of pagan origin in which bonfires are lit and fireworks and firecrackers are thrown. Although it is celebrated on the night of June 23 to 24, it is associated with the summer solstice (June 21) and the pagan rites that, with the bonfires, sought to increase...
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4 Apr

48th April Fair Catalonia 2019

The April Fair is a popular festival of Andalusian origin that is held annually for 10 days in Barcelona and is organized by the Federation of Andalusian Cultural Entities in Catalonia. As every year it will take place in the Parc del Forum (L4 La pau – El Maresme Forum) from 26/04 to 05/04.  ...
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23 Feb

Sitges Carnival 2019 – Barcelona

The carnival parties of Sitges have more than 100 years of history, legend has it that the first time the word “Carnestoltes” was heard was in the obituary of a fifteenth-century Sitges jester named Carles de Can Torras. It was because of the dyslexia and the illiteracy of the writer of his school that instead...
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22 Feb

Mobile World Congress 2019

The Mobile World Congress (MWC19) returns to Barcelona from February 25 to 28 to show advances in mobile connectivity. In this scenario 5G networks, the internet of things, artificial intelligence and intelligent platforms are combined. This year will not only be promises, since technology lovers will be able to attend more than 100 interactive demonstrations...
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12 Feb

LLUM Barcelona Poblenou 2019 – 15/16/17 of February

LLUM BCN POBLENOU 2019   º video of the llum Barcelona Poblenou of the past year 2018º ” For the second year , the edition of Llum BCN transforms the streets of Poblenou district  into a huge, open-air experimentation laboratory using light as the creative medium and the work of artists, designers and architects from...
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