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Vegetarian and vegan Restaurants in Barcelona

Vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Barcelona are on the rise and offer a variety of dishes that for those who follow this type of diet makes it easier to supplement animal proteins and for others an occasion to eat different food..
3 Apr

Where to eat vegetarian and vegan in Barcelona

In Barcelona we have more and more offers of vegetarian and vegan restaurants, so we made a list of our favorite ones … Enjoy!


The Vegetalia Restaurants are recognized as one of the best vegetarian restaurants in the city. With different daily menus every day from Monday to Friday and an extensive menu with vegan options, you will not be disappointed! Among their star dishes: breaded seitan with cheese and homemade desserts!

Address: *Raval : Plaça d’Emili Vendrell, 1, 08001 *Gótico: c/ Escudellers, 54, 08002 *Born: Plaça Fossar de les Moreres , s/n, 08003

Website: https://www.restaurantvegetalia.com/



This alternative bar offers a 100% vegan menu and craft beers with a punk and multicultural spirit .. Their burgers are among the richest vegans in the city .. And if you like cats here you will find them everywhere represented!

Address: *Born  c/ de la Bória, 17, 08003

Website: https://www.facebook.com/CatBarCAT



It is the first Healthy Flexitarian Restaurant in Barcelona. 80% of their offer is plant-based and the remaining 20% are recipes that contain oily fish.. All their dishes are designed considering their nutritional value and not only the taste and the gastronomic pleasure. Located in a large renovated and beautiful building,it deserves the luxury to eat there.

Address: *Raval: c/ dels Tallers, 74b, 08001

Website: http://teresacarles.com/fk/



Open since 1980, it was one of the first to bring vegetarian food to Barcelona. Healthy cuisine, at a good price and with vegan options. It works as self-service all day.

Address: *Raval: c/ Pintor Fortuny, 25, 08001

Website: http://restaurantebiocenter.es/es/carta/



Modern and bright bistro of vegetarian and vegan dishes that are made with seasonal products and a mixture of tradition and innovation based on the principles of Slow Food.

Address: *Gótico: c/ Palau, 5, 08002

Website: http://www.rasoterra.cat/



Founded in 1969, Arco Iris is a magnificent vegetarian restaurant – one of the best in Barcelona -, recommended not only for its food but also for the atmosphere and family treatment of its current owner, who has been at the forefront of the business for two decades. Open only at midday.

Address: *Eixample: c/ de Roger de Flor, 216, 08013


Website: www.vegetarianoarciris.com/




Located in the left part of the Eixample, this vegetarian restaurant not only offers healthy and partly organic food.  All the dishes, desserts and also the seitan, theyogurt, kefir and bread are homemade. There are many vegan options of dishes and desserts.It doesn’t abuse with spices and look for natural flavors, well combined and attractive to the palate and the view. The seaweeds, the tofu, the sprouts, the infusions and some cereals and legumes are biologic. Sometimes it organizes offers talks, courses and screenings.

Address: *Eixample: Carrer de la Diputació, 164, 08011

Website: http://www.restauranteamaltea.com/



Open since the year 86 and pioneer in its kind, Govinda is a vegetarian restaurant specializing in the cuisine of northern India. Ideal for an exotic, healthy, fast and economical meal in a quiet and unpretentious environment in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona.

Address: *Gótico: Plaça de la Vila de Madrid, 4, 08002

Website: www.govinda.es/